How blood clots?Explain. Thrombocytes are essential for the coagulation of blood.Comment on it.  ( 3 mark question).

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Clot formation occurs in three steps.

  1. Thromboplastin helps in the formation of prothrombinase enzyme. This enzyme inactivates heparin and it also converts the inactive prothrombin into active thrombin. Calcium ions helps for these changes.
  2. Thrombin acts as a proteolytic enzyme to separate two peptides from the soluble fibrinogen molecule to form insoluble fibrin.
  3. The fibrin polymerizes to form long, sticky fibres. The fibrin threads form a fine network over the wound and tap blood cells to form a crust – the CLOT.

 Thromboplastin is a lipoprotein plays a major role in blood clotting.



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