How burying & selling of government securities take place?

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You can buy and sell government bonds from BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). Bombay Stock Exchange- BSE is Asia's oldest stock exchange. It was established in 1875 in Mumbai. BSE was recognized as an exchange in 1957. BSE offers trading of equity, debentures, mutual funds and derivatives. Shares of more than 5000 companies are traded in BSE. Sensex is benchmark index of BSE, it composes of 30 companies.
​​​​National Stock Exchange-  NSE is India's largest financial market. It was established in 1992 in Mumbai. NSE was recognised as an exchange in 1993 and stated operations in 1994. NSE offers trading in wholesale debt, equity and derivatives. Nifty is the benchmark index of NSE, it composes of 50 companies.
These government bonds are listed and traded in the cash category with equity shares, If you are a retail investor, you can trade tax-free bonds using the Demat account.


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