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how can i make working model of recycling home waste water


Muthu Kumari , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 22/10/10

Dear Student,

Here we are providing you two ideas to show how household waste material can be recycled. You can think some more ideas similar to these,

1. Various ornamental item made by paper mache

2. Making of compost from kitchen wastes.


 Take a wooden box and put it in a cool, dry place.
 Put a layer of sand at the bottom of the wooden box
 Spread some vegetable wastes and plant parts, weeds, and garden waste over the sand.
 Sprinkle some water on this layer and place a few earthworms on it.
 Cover the wooden box with a sheet of cloth. Mix the contents of the box periodically.
 After 3 - 4 weeks, it can be observed that the vegetable waste is converted into a loose soil-like material.
 It can be used as a natural fertilizer, after being dried in the sun.
This is called Vermicomposting.
Hope these activities will be of help to you.

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