How can retroviruses be used efficiently in biotechnology in spite being disease causing ?

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Retroviruses are single stranded RNA viruses, which replicate inside the host cell by a process of reverse transcription. They have the ability to infect many animal cells including human cells. For example, HIV viruses. 
In biotechnology, they are used as natural vectors to deliver the desired gene in the host cell inspite of their disease causing ability. They are modified into a cloning vectors by removing the genes responsible for pathogenicity and inserting desired genes. Thus, they play important role in gene therapy to correct the abnormal gene in desired cell.
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Retroviruses are responsible for causing some forms of leukemia (a type of cancer) in humans, and the virus that causes AIDs (HIV) is a retrovirus. Despite this, retroviruses are also useful tools for protein engineering, used for introducing new genes into a host cell. These types of virus integrate into host DNA at random sites,
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