How can we check quality of election process?

Election process can be checked  if the following conditions are fulfilled : 

  • Control on the means of men and money during election campaign

  • Transparency in the election processes. The candidates are required to display their statement of property because elections are fair if transparency is taken  account  . 

  •  Peace and violence free conditions 


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i have imp questions for SA 2:

(I)Answer the following questions in brief.

1) Who was Dietrich Brandio? Why was he invited into India?
2) Who were Kalangs? Mention any four characteristics of this community.
3) What was blandongdiensten system?
4) Explain scientific forestry?
5) What was the impact of Indian Forest Act on the people?

(II) Answer the following in details.

1) Explain the rebellion of the people of Bastar against the British.
2) How were the forests affected by war?
3) What are the similarities between colonial management of the forests in
Baster and in Java?
4) What was the impact of various laws and policies, which were adopted by the
colonial rulers, over colonial people?

Practice these questions...all the best!!

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