How can we conserve water? Mention the rain water harvesting system in the answer .

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There are several ways to conserve water. Some of them are mentioned below:
1. Irrigation of crops should be done wisely.
2. Rain water must be harvested.
Rain water harvesting:
The process by which rain water is collected and stored either to recharge the ground water or for use in the future is known as rainwater harvesting.
The rainwater on the roofs of the buildings is collected through canals that drain the water into ground reservoirs. This stored water is later utilized.
Advantages of rainwater harvesting :
a. it can be undertaken in any type of climate.
b. the construction required is quite simple.
c. rainwater is usually the purest form of water, so it can be used easily for domestic services.
3. Recycling of waste water can save water loss.
4. Never leave a tap open.
5. Swimming pools should be covered to reduce evaporation.
6. Water pipes should be checked for any leakage.
7. Left over areas of garden should be covered by grasses to retain moisture.

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