how can we identify adverbs

The different usages of Adverbs have been explained in your study material. Kindly go through the chapter and get back to us if you still face any problem. 

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An adverb tells when, where, or how something is done.

--I'll tell you SOON (when I'll tell you.)--He dances WELL (how he dances)--Please stand THERE. (where you should stand)Adverbs also tell more about adjectives. They tell to what degree, or how much. They work as "intensifiers" in this context.--I was TOO tired to care (How much I was tired)--Mother was VERY angry (To what degree Mother was angry)Source:(I taught English for two decades.)Edit added specifically for Senn - "I often visit the library" VISIT is a tells what it done, not how, when, or where it is done. VISIT is an action verb. OFTEN is the adverb, telling when the verb is done. Your definition isn't wrong, but your example is. You say "For instance, the adverbs in the following sentences are ,e.g. I often visit the library.-visitIt is surprisingly hot ." Again, HOT is an adjective. SURPRISINGLY, the adverb, tells to what degree it is hot ,hope u had got ur answers plzz give me thumps up
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