How can we say setting of curd is a chemical change? Explain in detail.

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The setting of curd is a chemical change because once we convert milk into curd then we cannot get back the milk from the curd. So this is an irreversible process means here we cannot get the original substance back once it has undergone a change. Same thing happened in this case on changing milk to curd the original substance that is milk cannot be obtained back. Chemical change is basically a change of materials into another, new materials with different properties and one or more than one new substances can be formed in this process. The chemical composition of the new formed product is different than that of the original substance as in this case milk and curd have different chemical compositions. Therefore due to formation of new substances and irreversible process the setting of curd is said to be a chemical change.


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Bez we cant change it back into milk
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Because we change that milk into curd and cannot get back to milk. The things that we change or with some chemical is called chemical change
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