How can we say that the deewan of prabanti is resourceful?

Dear Student,

The dewan twice demonstrated to be resourceful. First when the king's province had came up short on tigers and the king required more tigers to be kille by his hands to finish total of 100 tigers, the king called the dewan and ordered him to organize young lady to wed whose province was rich with tiger's population. The dewan faithfully satisfied his lord's desire and arranged his marriage with a princess who's kingdom had tigers in wealth. Be that as it may, the lord could just figure out how to kill 99 tigers from the two his and his better half's region. As it was predicted by the astrologer that the king will die by the hands of the 100th tiger, the king called the dewan and ordered that he bring a tiger from anyplace else he would loose his job. The dewan according to the requests figures out how to acquire a tiger from People's Park Madras and abandons it in the wilderness so it could be killed by the king.


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