how can we secure fundamental rights?

we can secure fundamental rights by using right to constitutional remedies

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 will u please ellaborate..........

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The fundamental rights in the constitution are important because they are enforceble.we have a right to seek the enforcement of the above mentioned rights.This is called the RIGHT TO CONSTITUION REMEDIES.funfamental rights are guaranted against the actions of the legislature tye executive and any other authorities institued by the gov. If any one violets a fundamental right we can seek remedy through courts or we can approach the supreme court.
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The constitution of India provide for the remedies for enforcement of rights conferred in it in Article  32. We can move to court as and when our rights are violated. The supreme court is custodian of our fundamental rights.

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If our fundamental rights are violated or taken away by any individual or government, then we can file a case in court for remedy by article 32 of our constitution that is Right to constitutional remedies.In this way we can safeguard our fundamental rights.
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what is right to information?
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