How can we separate a mixture of sand,salt and pepper powder?

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Mixture of sand, pepper powder and salt can be separated by dissolving the mixture into water. Sand and pepper powder is insoluble in water while salt is soluble. So they are separated by the filtration method.

First of all, to remove dry salt and sand, pepper powder from the sand , pepper pwder and salt solution, add water and dissolve the salt and allow the sand to sink at the bottom.

Now, use a filter, and pour the mixture through the filter paper in a beaker. The sand and pepper powder will be obtained on the top of the filter paper and the water and salt solution will go to the beaker below. 

now we evaporate the water from the salt and water mixture by supplying sufficient amount of heat so that when all the water is gone, there will be only the salt rings at the bottom.

Now, again add water to the sand and pepper powder mixture. Now sand being heavier as compared pepper powder settle at the bottom of the beaker in which mixture is taken while pepper powder remain floating on the upper surface of water so can be easily separated by decantation.


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Dear student

We can separate a mixture of sand, salt and pepper powder by two method:
Sieving is more easier to do.

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