how can we write in the project change in role of women in

standard of living , nuclear family,joint family,as bread earner, changes in requirement trend of mixer,

in past 25 years plz can u explain also that?

The project will explain the role of women in the various fields mentioned in the last 25 years. You need to explain how women helped improve the standard of living, how women affected the rising trend of nuclear families and decreasing joint families, how women added to the income per household in the last 25 years.

The topic is women centric, so a brief Introduction about status an role of women in general in our society can be given.

About improvement in the income of households, data can be collected and the increment in the incomes in last 25 years can also be attributed to increasing number of women on jobs and professions.

The trend of nuclear families can be due to reduced role of women at home. Working women scenario is the one which doesn’t complement the conventional thoughts of older generations and to avoid ideological conflicts, nuclear families are coming up. It shouldn’t be considered as a bad affect.

Standard of living improves with increase in income and literacy.

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