how can you say that amoeba follows the five steps of nutrition?

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Amoeba follows the five steps of nutrition:
1. Ingestion: Amoeba senses the food and surround it with the help of pseudopodia. Food vacuole comprising of food and water is formed. This is known as ingestion.
2. Enzymes present in cytoplasm move to food vacuole and act on it to carry out the process of digestion.
3. Soluble particles are absorbed and assimilated after digestion.
4. Undigested food move out of the body. This is known as egestion.

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We can say that amoeba follows five steps of nutrition because, when the amoeba comes in contact with a food particle it develops and enlarges two pseudopodia. When the pseudopodia meets together the amoeba takes the food particle inside. This process is known as ingestion. Once the food particle is inside, a food vacuole is formed. The cytoplasm surrounding the food particle releases enzymes that help in digestion. This process is digestion. After this process the digested food is absorbed by the cytoplasm. This is absorption. The absorbed food is later used by the amoeba. This process is assimilation. The waste which is not required by the amoeba is expelled from the body of the amoeba. This process is known as egestion. So this shows that the five steps that are: ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and egestion are followed by the amoeba.
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1.Ingestion:Amoeba takes the food inside the food vacuole
2.Digestion:the digestive juices act on the food
3.&4.Absorption and Assimilation:The nutrients are absorbed and carried to the cells for energy and performing other metabolic functions.
5.Egestion:The undigested food is egested.
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Nutrition in amoeba is holozoic. Thus, solid food particles are ingested which are then acted upon by enzymes and digested. It is an omnivore, feeding on both plants and animals. Its diet includes bacteria, microscopic plants like the diatoms, minute algae, microscopic animals like other protozoa, nematodes and even dead organic matter.

Since it is a unicellular organism, amoeba does not have any specialised structure or organ for the process of nutrition. It takes place through the general body surface with the help of pseudopodia.

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Amoeba follows 5 steps of nutrition:
1) Ingestion
2) Digestion
3) Absorption
4) Assimilation
5) Egestion

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