how can you seperate a mixture of chalk powder add salt?

Mix salt and chalk powder in water.

Salt will dissolve in water and chalk will not.

Filter this mixture by filteration.

You will separate salt dissolved in water and chalk powder.

Now, heat the water and evaporate all the water (evaporation).

Salt will be left behind.

Thus you can separate salt and chalk powder.

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Chalk powder is insoluble. Hence, it can be seperated by sedimentation And decantation, also by filtration. Salt is soluble in water. Hence, It can be seperated by Evaporation. And theEvaporated water can be got back by Condensation. Please Vote if Helpful!

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Mix water with chalk powder andsand. Hence, chalk powder is insoluble in water we can seperate it by sedimentation and decanation. Water and salt can be seperated by evaporation and condensation.

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