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how climate dictates lifestyle

Abhishek Mehra , added an answer, on 1/7/13

Climate is one of the first important resources that we have in earth, it determines if crops grow or not or if a nation will be productive or not. In today’s day weather is predictable. There are special people (meteorologist) that determines if tornados or hurricanes are close to countries or states. Weather can give much to the land but it also can take and destroy everything, too mucho sun, water, wind or ice in the land can destroy it. People influence in their own conditions, if a city has too much contamination it can cause damage to the environment and also to the climate. The type of weather of a region is important because that’s the way people live. In some areas of the world the cold is stronger two excellent examples are North Pole and South Pole, there everything is cover of ice but at this point of life by the contamination that humans have cause to the atmosphere ice have turn ice into water in the ocean and that is not good for human and animal life. In the center are the deserts, the desert’s weather is constantly hot and the animals and some ancient people have to get used of the limitation of water. 

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