how did dewan arrange for 100th tiger?

Fearing a catastrophe if the hundredth tiger was not found, the dewan took the tiger that had been brought from the People’s Park in Madras and kept hidden in his house to the forest where the Maharaja hunted. At midnight when the town slept in peace he and his aged wife dragged the tiger to the car and shoved it into the seat. The dewan himself drove the car straight to the forest. Though the tiger launched its satyagraha and refused to get out of the car, the dewan successfully hauled the beast out of the car and pushed it down to the ground. On the following day, the same old tiger wandered into the Maharaja’s presence and the Maharaja was finally happy to have found his hundredth tiger.

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dewan's tiger vwas an old was not ferocious and agile. it was passive and exhausted. he was pushed down to the ground. he wandered into the maharaj's application and stood as if in humble supplication. the tiger was kept hidden in Dewan's house. At midnight when town slept in piece. the Dewan and his wife dragged the tiger into car drove straight to the forest.

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