How did discovery of fire help the early man?

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Discovery of fire helped the early man in following ways -
  1. With fire, they were able to protect themselves from the wild animals. They were also able to devise an entirely new way of hunting.
  2. They cooked their food, but the use of fire went far beyond that. For one, fire was an important part of other technological development in the Stone Age.
  3. Stone tools existed before the discovery of fire, but humans combined the two technologies by using fire. They observed that heating rocks around a fire bring out the impurities and make the rocks easier to chip into stone tools.
  4. Fire also made the transformation of clay into hardened ceramic pots and vases, very easy. It was useful in carrying and storing food, water, or other items. In fact, 24,000-year-old fire pits are found which was made with the help of fire. 

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