How did Gandhiji use satyagraha and non violence at Champaran to achieve its goal?

Pls ans with reference to the chapter Indigo

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When Gandhiji arrived at Champaran he visited the secretary of the British Landlord’s Association. The secretary said that as he was an outsider he cannot provide any information to him. The next day when Gandhiji called on the British official commissioner of the Tirhut division, the commissioner bullied him and advised him to leave Tirhut. But Gandhiji did not leave and went to Motihari, the capital of Champaran. When Gandhiji was on his way to meet a peasant, he was told to return to town. The messenger of the police who drove Gandhiji home gave him an official notice to quit Champaran immediately. But Gandhiji refused to obey the order.  He then received summons to appear in the court. Thousands of peasants came to Motihari. They demonstrated in a non-violent way around the courthouse. The officials were unable to control the crowd so they asked for Gandhiji's help to control the crowd. Furthermore,  Gandhiji refused to follow the court orders and many wanted to follow Gandhiji in jail. The authority ultimately dropped the charges against Gandhiji. It was followed by talks to ensure that the sharecroppers would be compensated. Thus, through non-violence and satyagraha Gandhi was able to achieve his goal in Champaran and bring justice to the peasants.


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