How did George and the authorrr get lost? How did they finally find the boat?
Chapter 14 three men in a boat

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The incident happened at Henley when the regatta was happening and in the hustle and bustle of it, the men did not realise that the time has passed. As a result of this absent-mindedness, they were able to leave the place only late. They had a four mile walk home and as they walked they discussed about the boat and about Harris and Montmorency waiting for them. They even imagined the time that they would spent in the boat after they got there. As they were walking, it started raining heavily and the two men got drenched. They reached fourth and called for an answer. But they got no answer. As they were giving up home, the author noticed a light among the trees and soon realised that it was their boat. However, the men also had trouble waking up Harris who was fast asleep and placed the boat in a position that the men could not get in.

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sorry different book
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