how did grandmother react when Khushwant Singh was going abroad

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The narrator had expected his grandmother to be very sad on his going abroad however, it was not so. She was not at all sentimental at his leaving the house. She kissed him on the forehead and bid him goodbye, consistently praying and telling the beads of her rosary, but did not act the way the narrator had thought she would. This shows that she was strong in her approach. Also, she knew that she would be around when the narrator would return therefore, she need not be upset. This creates a mystical aura about her where she is not only a strong-willed person but could also anticipate her future.


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She may have been sad within but she portrayed a strong character and even went to see off his grand son at the railway station
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Khushwant Singh grandmother did not show any emotion when Khushwant Singh was going abroad she accepted her seclusion with resignation .she silently kissed him on his forehead at the time of departure.her mind was list in inaudible prayers
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