how did iron tools help the Aryans expand agriculture . What effect did it have on people 's occupation

  • The iron tools that the Aryans used included axes for clearing forests, and the iron ploughshare.
  • The ploughshare was useful for increasing agricultural production. This meant that heavy, clayey soil could be turned over better than with a wooden ploughshare, so that more grain could be produced.
  • The use of such iron tools enhanced agricultural production
  • With the help of these tools people began transplanting paddy. Instead of scattering seeds on the ground, from which plants would sprout, saplings were grown and then planted in the fields.

Though this led to increased production, it was back breaking work, generally given to slave men and women, (dasas and dasis) and landless agricultural labourers (kammakaras). As a result, the used of such tools  led to the increased demands for slave men and women.


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