How did percussionist RON FORBES help Evelyn in her career.

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In the case of Evelyn Glennie, too, it was her mentor who made her realise her potential. Although, Evelyn was deaf, she had an interest in music and was determined to study it. Percussionist Ron Forbes, who had spotted Evelyn’s talent, encouraged her to pursue her passion for music. He began by tuning two large drums to different notes. Forbes would tell Evelyn not to listen through her ears, but to sense the sound of music through some other way. When she followed Forbe’s advice, she realised she could feel the higher drum from the waist up and the lower one from the waist down. Evelyn realised that by following her mentor’s encouraging words and repeatedly practising the exercise with the drums, she could sense certain notes in different parts of her body. She had learned to open her mind and body to sounds and vibrations. It was Forbe’s faith in her potential and her undying determination, that has made Evelyn a world class Percussionist.  


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