How did the Astrologer's prophecy come true ? explain in about 150 words

The astrologer had made a prophecy  that the cause of the king's death will be the hundredth tiger. The king went on killing all the tigers in his kingdom. Moreover, he also married a girl whose father had tigers in his forests. He killed many tigers there too. However, the hundredth tiger was old and weak and was left alive. On the third birthday of the king's son, the king gifted the boy with a wooden tiger.  The edges of the wooden structure were uneven as it had been carved by an inexperienced carpenter.  While trying to smoothen the edges a small quill of wood pricked his right hand. This resulted in poisoning of his hand and eventually his death. The cause of the king's death was the hundredth tiger, although it was a wooden one. Thus, the prophecy of the astrologer was proved correct.

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