how did the great economic depression push the country in india into turmoil

Answer: The Great Depression had a significant impact on the Indian economy, and it pushed the country into turmoil in several ways.

(i) India was a British colony during the Great Depression, and the Indian economy was largely dependent on Britain's economy. When the depression hit Britain, it caused a severe decline in demand for Indian exports, leading to a sharp drop in Indian incomes and employment.

(ii) the depression resulted in a significant decline in agricultural prices, which hit Indian farmers hard. The prices of crops such as cotton, jute, and tea fell sharply, leading to a decline in rural incomes and exacerbating the already existing poverty and indebtedness of farmers.

(iii) the Indian currency was pegged to the British pound at the time, and as the value of the pound fell, the Indian rupee also lost value, making imports more expensive and leading to inflation.

(iv) the British government responded to the depression by imposing tariffs and trade barriers, which made it harder for Indian businesses to export their goods and further worsened the economic conditions.

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