How did the happy prince react when the swallow told him about the poor and hungry children?
Chapter name
Happy prince

Dear Student.

When the Prince was alive he was unaware of the miseries of the poor people of his city. After his statue was placed on a high pedestal, he cried. He wanted to help them. The Prince asked the swallow to take the ruby from his sword-hilt to a seamstress who needed oranges for her sick son. He then gave up each of his sapphire eyes to help two people who were feeling cold. He was stripped of gold leaves to help the poor. 

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when the swallow told prince about the children he became very sad . he asked the swallow to take gold strings from his body to the children so that they can have food.
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Swallow said to the happy prince that here so much cold I can't stay here but happy prince said that do my one work just take Ruby from my sword and give to the that poor lady because his little boy is so much hungry and he has fever
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