how did the 'just' and 'placid' king get executed?

The 'just and placid' king had ordered for an arch to be built that would span the thoroughfare to educate his subjects. Once the arch was built the king rode through the thoroughfare but his crown was lost because the arch was built too low. The king being a stickler for justice realized that this was a disgrace so he called for the execution of the chief of builders. But the chief of builders passed the blame to the workers who in turn passed the blame to the masons and they passed it on to the architect who ultimately pointed out that it was the king who had made changes to the original plans. So naturally it should have been the king who should have been hanged but the king called upon the counsel of the wisest man in the kingdom. The oldest man in the kingdom was brought who was taken to be the wisest by virtue of his years and he also observed that the culprit ought to be punished without knowing it was the king. The crowd was beginning to get impatient for an execution so it was settled that the noose be set up somewhat high and each man passing by be measured. It so happened that the only man tall enough to fit was the king so by royal decree the king was hanged to satisfy his pronounced sense of justice.

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