how did the people of south africa struggle against apartheid?

Apartheid was the official policy of racial segregation and ill treatment of blacks followed by the government of South Africa. The struggle of South African people against the apartheid can be explained as follows :-

  • Since 1950, Blacks and Indians were fighting against the apartheid but the racial government did not pay much heed to them.
  • As the struggle gained momentum, the government realised that blacks could no longer be held under oppression and hence discriminatory laws were annulled, bans from media lifted and Nelson Mandela walked out from the jail as a free man.
  • On 26 April 1994, the new constitution was formed and the white racial government was overthrown by a multiracial government.
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people of south africa struggle against aparthied -:
a)they get punished if they do any high profile work
b)they don't have write to enjoy any right 
c)they do only work in which europeans can't do or the work which is cheap like-: waitor ,e.t.c
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1) The policy of apartheid was imposed by the whites all over th e the blacks. Under this people of South Africa were discrimated on the basis of color and race . 2) The ANC was the umbrella organisation that led the struggle against the policies of segregation. This included many worker's Union and the Communist party. 3) Many sensitive whites also joined the ANC to oppose aparthied
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Apartheid was the name of a system of racial discrimination unique to South Africa. Efforts made by the people of South Africa against Apartheid :

(i)  Launched protest marches and strikes.

(ii) The African National Congress led the struggle.

(iii)  Many sensitive whites also joined the struggle with the African National Congress.

(iv)  Many workers' unions and the Communist Party joined the movement.
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1 launched protest marches and strikes 2 the African national Congress led the struggle 3 Many sensitive whites so joined the struggle with the African national Congress
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