How did the three men reach Paddington? How did they conclude the trip?
Chapter 19 three men in a boat

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The three men discussed about the plans and arrangements for the evening. They decided to move on to Pang Bourne and stay there for the night. They also hoped to half dinner by half past six and then to the village as the rain poured. However, they seemed to have no idea as to how they were going to make it there because of the rains. However, they met a boatman and left the boat with him, assuring him that they would return, while they moved to Paddington. They were successful in accomplishing their plans. They returned to the restaurant in time for the supper and was overjoyed to see the food there. They also reached out for their glasses and made a toast as a cheer to the trip they made. This is how they concluded their trip.

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We reached Paddington at seven, and drove direct to the restaurant I have before described, where we partook of a light meal, left Montmorency, together with suggestions for a supper to be ready at half-past ten, and then continued our way to Leicester Square.

We attracted a good deal of attention at the Alhambra. On our presenting ourselves at the paybox we were gruffly directed to go round to Castle Street, and were informed that we were half-an-hour behind our time.

We convinced the man, with some difficulty, that we were NOT “the world- renowned contortionists from the Himalaya Mountains,” and he took our money and let us pass.

Inside we were a still greater success. Our fine bronzed countenances and picturesque clothes were followed round the place with admiring gaze. We were the cynosure of every eye.

It was a proud moment for us all.

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