How did this come?

How did this come? 9:33 PM 0.29K/s Jio 4G 4G VOLTE Dear student, Here is the solution of your asked query: Here r be the radius of cylinder and h be the height of the cylinder. 27rrh + 27tr2 TSA of Cylinder When Cylinder is cut vertically in to two equal parts we have; Each part will have two semi circular end , one curved side and one rectangular side . Area of two semi circular ends 2 Area of one curved side — 7rrh rea of one rec angu ar Sl e = part nr -k nr TSA of the two parts 2 (7rr2 + nrh + 2 rh) So, Increase in total surface area TSA of the two part — TSA of

Dear student,

Area of one rectangular side ABCD=r×h=rh2rh is wrong in the above image 


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