How did Valli plan her bus ride? What did she find out about the bus, and how did

she save up the fare? What characteristics made Valli plan her bus ride? Are there

traits of the character which need to be developed consciously? Mention any two

and explain why those traits need to be developed?

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Valli likes to talk and listen to people who used to go on the bus regularly and sometimes tactfully asked some questions  regarding their trips.Very carefully she worked out on the details of the forthcoming trip on the bus.She saved the money and calculated the time that will take for the trip to and back from the town.

Valli always wished that she could travel on the bus.Her yearning for it grew each passing day.She was jealous of her friends who got a chance to ride on the bus and would not even listen to their ravings.This made her plan her first bus ride.

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