How did varuna ,the lord of seas

test meghavahana's nobility of mind

Lord Varuna created an illusion in front of MEGHAVAHANA. There was a barbarian who was going to sacrifice a stranger. Meghavahana offered his own life and saved the barbarian's troops, his son and even the strangers life. When he was going to strike himself a garland with exquisite colors and smell came around his neck and Lord Varuna appeared before him.

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The following passage tends to link the Magadha rulers with the Puru dynasty of kings (an ancient Indian royal dynasty in which the Kuru dynasty was a subset and thePandavasandKauravaswere born.) It also makes Magadha a province under the Chedi Empire in some point of time in history.

There was a king of the name of Uparichara. That king of the Paurava (a king belonging to thePuru clan) race, called also Vasu, conquered the excellent and delightful kingdom ofChediunder instructions fromIndra. Vasu had five sons. The emperor installed his sons as governors of various provinces. His son Vrihadratha was installed in Magadha and was known by the name of Maharatha. Another son of his was Pratyagraha; and another, Kusamva, who was also called Manivahana. The two others were Mavella, and Yadu.

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How did lord varuna tested the meghavahanas's nobility of mind
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How did varuna
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