How do contractions keep blood circulating in one direction in earthworm?

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Earthworms have closed blood vascular systems, which consists of the heart, blood vessels, and capillaries. There are five pairs of pseudohearts that pump blood for circulating it. ​ The regular contraction of these pseudohearts and muscles of blood vessels keeps blood circulating in one direction in earthworm without allowing back flowing of blood. 
The hearts pump blood through ventral vessel that supplies blood to all body parts through small capillaries. The small blood vessels (capillaries) return blood from the body parts to the parietal vessels or commissural vessels that inturn returns it to the dorsal vessel. 
The subneural vessel carries blood back behind the hearts and to the dorsal vessel. It receives blood from the body walls.​ 
Hope this information will clear your doubts about the circulation of blood in earthworm.


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