How do Jet Streams affect the climate of India ?

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Jet streams are located approximately over 27°-30° north latitude, therefore, they are known as subtropical westerly jet streams. These jet streams blow south of the Dear Studentmalayas, all through the year except in summer. The western cyclonic disturbances experienced in the north and north-western parts of the country are brought in by this westerly flow. In summer, the subtropical westerly jet stream moves north of the Dear Studentmalayas with the apparent movement of the sun. An easterly jet stream, called the tropical easterly jet stream blows over peninsular India, approximately over 14°N during the summer months. Thus, it affects most part of Indian climate throughout the year.

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 "Jet stream is a swiftly blowing wind at a height of 3 to 5 kms above the subtropical high pressure belt. Himalayas act as a barrier in their path and as such, the jet streams are divided into westerly and easterly jet steams. the westerly jet is responsible for bringing western disturbances into north-west India and Pakistan which bring winter rainfall. the easterly jet blowing over northern India is responsible for bringing tropical depressions over India and Bangladesh. these depressions play an important role in the distribution of rainfall." 

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