How do large companies manipulate the market? Explain with examples.

Big companies manipulate the market by using illegal means. They can project their company products at the best by generating false information  regarding the other small rival companies selling the same products. They can take the help of media to attract customers
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(1). Big companies can manipulate the markets by using unnecessary means of advertisements. (2). They even buy out small companies or make latter work with them so they do not have any competetitor who produces the same produce. (3). They even criticize other companies saying that their produce is better than the rest. (4). Big companies also sell their produce at lower cost so that people get used to their produce.
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1.Large companies can manipulate the market like control of the prices and supply . 2. they can cause false information to the consumer. 3.they can sell standard good
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1. through attractive advertisements
2. through false statements eg " better than mothers milk" said by a milk company
3. critising other companies products for popularity.
4. unnecessary free gifts for attraction especially products used by kids
5.reducing 1 or 2 rs and tell it is in low cost
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They manipulate the market by using a scientific calculator
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(1). Large businesses can influence the marketplaces by  means of excessive means of advertisements.
(2). They even acquisition out small corporations or make latter work with them so they do not have any competition who manufactures the same goods.
(3). They even criticize other corporations saying that their products is better than the rest.
(4). Large corporations also trade their products at lesser price so that public get used to their products.


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@large  companies manupulate other countries by giving advertaisments
@they even get the small scale industries so to avoide their competetuior
@they even  criticise other companies saying that theirs is best than others 
@they even sell their products at low cost so theitr products will be sold the most proportion

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1. Large companies with huge amounts of wealth, power and riches can manipulate the market in various ways. 2. At times false information is passed on through media and other sources to attract consumers. 3. For example, a company for years sold powder milk for babies all over the world as the most scientific product claiming this to be better than mother's milk. It took years of struggle before the company was forced to accept that it had been making false claims. 4. Similarly, a long battle had to be fought with the court cases to make cigarette manufacturing companies accept that their product could cause cancer.
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