How do muscles work in our body

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Muscles are one of the contractile organs of our body. They are the fleshy parts of our body, which help in the movement of different body parts. Muscles move by contracting and relaxing. Here, contracting means becoming shorter, while relaxing means becoming longer and thinner.
If we make a fist with one hand and bend the arm at the elbow level.

We will feel a swollen region inside your upper arm. This swollen region is a muscle. Contraction makes it swollen.

When we bring our arm back to its normal position, you will observe that the muscle is no longer contracted. When muscles contract, they become shorter, thicker, and stiffer.

Functioning of muscles

Muscles work in pairs to pull a bone. If one muscle contracts, then its partner (the other muscle of the pair) relaxes. This pulls the bone towards the contracted muscle.

Can you tell how muscles come back to their original position?

When the relaxed muscles contract and the contracted muscles relax, muscles are pulled back to their original position.


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