How do opaque and transparent substances differ with regard to reflection

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1.Transparent objects allow light rays to pass through but the opaque objects do not allow to pass light rays .
2. One can easily see the transparent objects as these objects are also good reflector but the opaque objects are not good reflector of light and for this reason one can not see through opaque objects .
3. After reflection the transparent objects do not cast shadows .But the opaque objects cast dark shadows after reflection .


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What happens to light waves when they encounter objects? Do they go through the objects? Do they bounce off the objects? When a light wave strikes the surface of an object, a variety of things can happen. One of these things is called resonance. When resonance occurs between a light wave and an object, the object absorbs the energy of that light wave. The light energy stays inside the object when resonance occurs, but what about when resonance does not occur? What happens to light waves that are reflected off the object or transmitted through the object? In this lesson, we're going to study light waves a little further in order to understand transparency and opacity.
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