How do socio-cultural factors influence development?

Following are the socio-cultural influences on the development of an individual:

  • Socio-cultural factors influence development by providing it with a social context.

  • The various socio-cultural consequences that a child meets with are learnt by him/her and thus, a child develops a personality which is influenced by his/her experiences.

  • The socio-cultural background of an individual has an impact over his/her interaction with the rest of the society.

  • The variable experiences of individuals during their development are dependent upon their social and cultural background.

  • These factors include the conditions at home, the quality of schooling and interaction with peer groups.

  • Children growing up in an unsupportive family environment find it hard to learn new things and make their own decisions. Children who are exposed to diverse experiences early in life develop a confident attitude and are more able to face challenges.

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