How do the microorganisms help in cleaning the environment???

They Act On The Dead Organisms And Decompose Them Into Humus Which Help In Cleaning The Environment

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they clean enviornment by decomposing on the dead organisms.

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they decompose the rotting matter and purify the air too

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How do the microorganisms help in cleaning the environment?

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because the micro organisms decompose the plant and animal wates
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  • Microbes like bacteria and fungi act on the the bodies of dead plants and animals and convert them into simple substances .
  • These substances are used by other plants and animals.
  • Removal of dead bodies by the action of microbes keeps our planet clean.
  • Bacteria are also used in sewage treatment,where they help in the decay of waste organic matter
  • Thus microorganisms help in keeping our environment clean.
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They clean the environment by decomposing on the dead organisms
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They helps to keep our environment clean by eating predate which for for and eat her.They help in decompile of animals
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