How do the seasons affect the positions of the permanent pressure belts? Please answer me quickly.

Due to the inclination of the Earth on its axis, there are differences in the heating of the continents, oceans and as a result, the pressure conditions in January and July vary greatly.
On 21 June, where the sun is overhead on the tropic of Cancer then the pressure belt shift 5° northwards and on 22 December when it shines overhead on the Tropic of Capricorn, they shift 5° southwards.
The pressure belts remain balanced in both the hemispheres when the sun shines vertically over the equator on 21st March and 23rd September.
The shifting of pressure belts results in the seasonal changes in the climate, particularly between, 30° and 40° parallels in both the hemispheres.
Mediterranean type of the climate is experienced in this region because of this region because of the shifting of permanent belts

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