How do u do first 2?

How do u do first 2? •woe File"anager ö X File"anager File"anager S momentum f oro X S GEMS portal O mhs. O 1 of 4 Revlslon Worksheet 2-Sound.pdf + Automatic Zoom x A longitudinal wave travels at 330 me' through air, and at 1 200 rn.s•l through wood. The vibration which produces the wave has a period Of 5 s. Calculate ..1 its frequency. .2 its wavelength in air. .3 its wavelength in wood. A sound wave travels through water at a speed of 1 500 m.s•'. A ship sends a signal with a frequency of 50 000 Hz to the seabed below, and receives the echo 4 s later. '.1 Calculate the wavelength of the sound wave. •.2 Calculate the depth of the object from which the sound wave reflected. Bats navigate by sending out ultrasounds that reflect off their prey (mosquitoes). Their brains process the result telling them the exact location of the insect, and they swoop in to snack on it. .1 Explain what ultrasound is. ' 2 A bat receives an echo of ultrasound 1 ,5 s after it is emitted. The speed of sound in air is 345 m.s•l. Calculate the distance of the mosquito from the bat. -..3 The wavelength of the sound wave is 15 mm. Calculate its frequency. What is SONAR? SONAR (Sound Navigation And Ranging) is a technique for determining water depth and

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