How do we come to know about the achievements of Samudragupta(son of Chandragupta Maurya).

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Though the mentioned subject did not go with the question but as per the question the assumed answer is as :
Samudragupta was a leader of the Gupta Empire of Ancient India. As a child of the Gupta ruler Chandragupta I and the Lichchhavi princess Kumaradevi, he enormously extended his line's political force.
a. Samudragupta was probably the best fighter in the Indian history alluded as Napoleon of India on account of the wars he pursued. 
b. He had an incredible naval force notwithstanding his military. 
c. He likewise received the strategy of wedding coalitions (wedding princess' of different realms for amicable connections), which fortified his domain. 
d. He oppressed the backwoods Kingdoms and opened up the line of correspondence between the North and South. 
e. We think about Samudragupta from a long engraving, really a sonnet in Sanskrit, made by his court artist, Harishena around 1700 years prior, recorded on the Ashokan column at Allahabad.
Samudragupta played out the Ashvamedha penance to demonstrate his majestic sway, and as per his coins, stayed undefeated. His gold coins and engravings recommend that he was a cultivated artist, and furthermore played music. His expansionist arrangement was proceeded by his child Chandragupta II.


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