How do we give byes in knockout tournaments??
What's the rules for giving those byes?

in the knockout the bye is given when there is not even no. of
the team. so for the take the number of power two ad then start giving bye first to the last person in the second half and then to the first person in the first half. so in the lower half the bye is given as the n+1/2 and then in the upper half n-1/2 for ex If the no of the team is 11 then the nearest power if two is the 16 so the no if bye is 5 so the no of bye in the lower half is 5+1/2=3 and in the upper half is 5-1/2=2.
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No. of byes= 2^n-No. of teams where n is such that 2^n >No. of teams
N.B.- 2^n may be read as 'two to the power n'.
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