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Subject: Science , asked on 20/4/13

How do we respire??? explain the process


Dr Saman Ahmad , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 22/4/13

The question that you have asked can be easily answered by going through our study material at the following link and if you face any problems in understanding or answering that question please get back to us.


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Swastik Dabral , added an answer, on 20/4/13
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  Inhalation-when the muscles attached to ribs contract &  diaphragm contract chest cavity expands .Thus increases the capicity to hold oxygen.Here volume increases but preassure decreases ,so air moves in.

       When the oxygen is transported in blood &the carbon-di-oxide gets out of the deoxygenated blood the pressure in the lung increase.

Exahalation -similarly, when chest cavity contracts leads to moving out of carbon di oxide..

        And this cycle contniues...........

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