how does a constitution express the fundamental identity of people(in points plz..)

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Yes,the rights mentioned in the constitution shows the vary dignity of the citizens in a number of ways from equality to constitutional remedy when the rights are encroached by any powerful authority .The fundamental identity is safeguarded when all forms of discrimination as prescribed by the constitution are shed. The following points may help you:
a. Constitution serves as the document that specifies the rules and regulations according to which the country functions. It establishes a system based on the rule of law, which identifies that government will function as per set norms, rules and not according to whims and fancies of a ruler.The constitution provides basic  minimum rules of governance and coordination amongst the members of the society
b.. A constitution besides being a legal document is also socio economic in nature as it identifies the aims and aspirations of the society guiding our political leadership.  
​ c.We may give example of directive principles of state policy are basically the instruction / directives to be kept in mind while framing policies so as to bring about a just society. 
d.  It specifies what the political system seeks to attain by framing policies that guarantees social , economic equality and justice to all.
e, Besides that it is important to note, that Indian constitution is a living document.
f. ​ Constitution is not a fixed document rather it reflects the changes in the society.
g. The constitution can be amended as per the needs and changing aspirations of the societyh. 

h. The constitution also gives fundamental identity to the people, it serves as the basis moral identity by reflecting aims and aspirations of the society.


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