How does common cold spread from an infected person who is not interest? How cannot prevented from spreading?

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Common cold is an infection of upper respiratory tract. it is a viral disease.
Nasal secretions containing cold viruses contaminate the hands of people with colds as a result of nose blowing, covering sneezes, and touching the nose. Also, cold viruses may contaminate objects and surfaces in the environment of a cold sufferer. Young children are the major reservoir of cold viruses and a particularly good source of virus containing nasal secretions.

cold virus readily transfers from the skin and hands of a cold sufferer to the hands and fingers of another person during periods of brief contact.  Also, cold viruses readily transfer to the hands as a result of touching contaminated objects and surfaces.

1. Limit contact with known cold sufferers, especially during the first three days of their illness.
2. wash hands after contact with infected person.
3.keep fingers out of eyes and nose.


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