how does dsRNA gain entry into eukaryotic cell to cause RNAi??

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RNA dependent gene silencing process (RNAi) is initiated by short ds RNA molecules in the cytoplasm. The ds RNA can be exogenous or endogenous. RNAi is evolved as a defense mechanism to protect the genome against invasion by mobile genetic elements such as viruses and transposons.

Pest-resistant plants can be developed by using biotechnological processes.
For example, the tobacco plant roots are infected by a nematode, Meloidogyne incognita. RNAi can be initiated as a defense mechanism. Agrobacterium vectors are used to introduce nematode specific genes into the host plant which leads to the production of both sense and antisense RNA in the host cells. These two complementary RNAs forms a double stranded RNA that initiate RNAi and hence silence the specific mRNA of the nematode. This will protect the host plant from the parasite. The parasite cannot survive in the host plant because of the expression of specific interfering RNA. 


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They can gain entry in 2 ways
1. By mobile genetic elements i.e transposons.
2. By viruses
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then what is the role of agrobacterium
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Genes are introduced into the host with the help agrobacterium vectors which inside the host produces sense and antisense RNA
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