How does electrochemical series help us in predicting whether a redox reaction is feasible in a given direction or not.

electrochemical series help us to know that whether the element is strong oxidising or reducing agent... and we have learn these values.... if the value of Ecell is negative than reaction is not feasible, it is feasible in opp. direction. and Ecell can be calculated by knowing the values of Enote.... and Enote can be calculated by knowing values from electrochemical series.....

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How does Electrochemical series help in predicting whether dose reaction is feasible in a given direction or not
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Electrochemical series is a series of chemical elements arranged in order of their standard electrode potentials. The hydrogen electrode H+(aq) + e- →← 1/2H2(g) is taken as having zero electrode potential. An electrode potential is, by definition, a reduction potential. Elements that have a greater tendency than hydrogen to lose electrons to their solution are taken as electropositive; those that gain electrons from their solution are below hydrogen in the series and are called electronegative.
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