how does evelyn acknowledge her success how is she a source of inspiration for the handicapped

Everly is a true inspiration ......... as she is successful, she is a source of inspiration...
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by achieving her success she haven't felt this as an heroic achievement . by seeing her every one started telling if she can then why we can't, like this she became inspired.
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Evelyn is so modest that she does not consider her achievements to be heroic deeds. She feels that if one has the clarity of the goat and puts in hard work, one is sure to achieve the aim. She believes that it is through hard work only that she has been able to achieve success. Evelyn’s achievements, gained through determination and hard work, set an example before other handicapped people. They gain confidence from her example and believe that they too can achieve their goals in life by overcoming their handicaps with firm determination.
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Evelyn Glennie is an inspiration for the handicapped as she can't also listen anything but she feels music through her body parts .So, she become an inspiration for the handicapped people .
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Somebody mother
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She is an inspiration for the handicaps as she has succeeded in becoming a world-renowned solo percussionist despite being hearing disabled. She has achieved this feat by sensing the music through her body. She has, thus, succeeded in leading a normal life despite her disability.
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