How does illiteracy among indians lead to poverty?

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Illiteracy leads to poverty as lack of knowledge and education results in low paid jobs due to which illiterate people can not find better paid jobs and they could not complete their basic necessitates that is the reason they remain poor. Also these poor people cannot afford to teach their children so even they have to do low paid jobs or they do not find any employment so they remain poor as well which increases the number of poor people in the economy. Illiteracy hinders the economic growth and development of the economy as people are not educated and skillful so they cannot increase the productivity in the economy which results in poor growth and poverty in the economy.


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high illiteracy rate is one of the causes of poverty as the weaker sections of society have to take up low paid jobs due to lack of knowledge. the sc and st are not able to participate in the emerging employment opportunities in different sectors of the urban and rural economy as they do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.
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