how does Mr lamb try to drive away derry's fears?

Mr. Lamb drives away Derry's fears by making him understand that he still had the ability to lead a normal life like others and even become better than the rest. He said that there was no need for Derry to pay heed to what others said about him and that he must not mind other people's sayings .He gives his own example to support his statement.

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@ samriddhi 

mr lamb was a very kind hearted and noble person , he even said to derry that what belongs to him , that belongs to everyone , 

so, that conforms that he is sharing person and love sharing too much ,

when derry told that due to the burn of the face , he was not accepted by the society , then at that time mr lamb gave him a example of a man who fears to evrything , but died due to  fall of a picture upon him .
so, he told donot get distracted by what people are saying , the external charecteristics wl not matter , its the internal charecter which are imp. of a person .

after that derry inspired ..

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